Cor is an accomplished writer composer and producer (A.S.C.A.P.), bassist, engineer, and has shared the stage with artists like Lou Rawles, Patti Labelle, Sammy Hagar, Neil Shone, Smothers Brothers and many others.  "Cor & Company", a local bay area band, featured artists from Tower of Power, Robert Cray, Elvin Bishop, Whispers and currently performing with his own band groove dragon,  Kuz-n-it and other artist in the Bay Area and around the country.

My first paid gig was in 1974. I've been playing recording and building what I couldn't buy to create music ever since. My hobbies now include putting basses together so other people can take advantage of what I've learned. Look me up on Facebook (CorBassman) or click on the buttons above.

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