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The Last Thirty Five

For over thirty five years I have been developing new and creative things. I closed down CorDesigns in 2004 to start HipSolve Media. Before joining HipSolve, I was the director of research and development for AV Images Inc. a high-profile audio visual and production facility in Northern California. My leadership was key in developing next-generation hardware and projection technologies for the trade show industry. I have experience across multiple disciplines including machine tool technology, linear robotics, computer science, and business administration.



I now offer all of my services and disciplines as a consultant. From Photography to Flash Development and Web Design, Material Design and Fabrication, Cad/Graphics and Logo design, Product Management and Product Design, Design and customization of string instruments and their electronics. I also do Voice Over and Audio production in my full mix-down and mastering facility.  I am pleased to offer any and all of my talents to startups and special projects. I’m always looking for a challenge and a chance to make a difference.

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Corlan Inc.

Bay Area Datacom (BAD) is a leading provider of cost-effective low-voltage network cabling, providing infrastructure engineering and installation for voice, data, video and wireless solutions. Our level of expertise stems from over thirty plus years experience in structured cabling and telecommunications industry.  Our customers benefit from our extensive experience and focus is on premium workmanship. Our Core Business Offerings Include Consulting, Design and Installation of  copper and fiber structured cabling all over northern CA.


Cory C De Brakes - Resume

i n t r o d u c t i o n
"Currently since Jan - 2011 Founder of ON2R Productions and the band groove dragon, also currently since Aug - 2008, Cory is Chairman of the Board for Corlan, Inc. He is a founding member of Bay Area Datacom and is currently the President and CEO of BAD. Up till Aug –Prior to that the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of HipSolve Media LLC. And for twelve years the former Director of Research & Development for AV Images Inc. With a background in Web design & IT / Product Design / Product Management / Fabrication / CAD & Graphic design and a real passion for new challenges. Currently and always pursuing productive relationships with innovative companies. Skilled at building strong team environments and fostering creative solutions."

e d u c a t i o n
University of California Berkeley / Hayward ~ Technical Engineering / Business Management

Heald Technical School for Robotics ~ Robotics / Computer Science / Electronics

Cal State Hayward ~ Business Administration / Computer Science

Solano Community College ~ Machine Tool Technology / Business

Benicia High School ~ General Education / Music

e x p e r i e n c e
▪ president and chief executive officer / director and chairman of the board Corlan, Inc.
Bay Area Datacom  BAD. – Benicia, California
Responsible for all aspects of new company startup. Using my core competencies in the design of the company infrastructure: Program and Project Management, Business Case Development, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, CRM Program Management, Financial Planning, Marketing, Negotiation and Performance Metrics Definition. Chairman of the Board of Directors of privately-held Corlan, Inc. Based in California, USA.

▪ managing new business development / marketing
Whisper Communications Inc. – Benicia, California
Employed to assist management with development of sales and marketing strategies of AV and IP Security markets, and to assist management with developing brand awareness and implementing business process improvements.

While at Whisper, I implemented changes to IT systems and logistics to streamline business processes, thus

improving internal employee morale, efficiency and customer satisfaction. I also assisted with coordination of multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring delivery on time and within budget.

▪ co-founder / chief technical officer / senior vice president of internet properties
HipSolve Media LLC – Redwood City, California
Start up company providing ISP (internet service provider) to musicians in the form of online music stores or record label. Music artists face many challenges and hard choices when marketing, selling, and distributing their music. We formed HipSolve Media to help them meet these challenges. Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for musicians, composers, and producers to market, sell, and distribute their music. In so doing, we aim to inspire more musical creativity. I created along with my development team (6) a server side application with a fully functional administration backend, payment gateway, and two additional client side applications for uploading and managing content and a download application. The task was to create a sophisticated yet easy-to-use tool (jamGate) for music marketing, sales, and distribution. Our model is to license these tools to a large number of artists and producers at an affordable price. All servers, code and applications are completed, running and currently HipSolve is Beta testing and looking into VC for marketing and a worldwide launch.

▪ web designer / marketing / vendor relations
june.2001 – february.2003
Diablo V twin - Martinez, California
Developed corporate identity and designed collateral. Designed and built corporate web site. Produced marketing and advertising materials for web and print. Also worked in the shop on special projects, custom aftermarket installations, tune and mods, exhaust mapping, design and fabrication of custom parts.

▪ owner operator
june.1997 – august.2008
CorDesigns - Benicia, California
Developed many innovative sites for leading companies. Managed graphic assets for these sites using the latest technologies. Developed strategic user experiences, resolved browser specific compatibility issues, and created effective development standards. Web Business Development / Marketing / Graphic Design / Corporate branding /  Audio Video Production for the web / Consulting Studio Design and Control Room Fabrication / Superintendent of construction on Studio Projects / In-house Audio Digital Mastering.

▪ director of research and development
march.1989 –sept.2001
AV Images Inc. - Dublin, California

  • Directed and coordinated the research and development of concepts, ideas, specifications, and applications for AV Images new products and services.

  • Managed Client projects in excess of 5 million per project. (Booth construction, AV Production, Product Awareness Programs, etc.)

  • Designed and manufactured cutting edge robotic and projection devices for custom projects.

  • Managed new product development and improvements on existing products.

  • Contributed to building brand awareness and credibility.

Tasks include: custom projection applications of all types (retro (rear projection tv)-truss mount-structure mount-front/rear) and custom audio applications for surround sound for trade show and event environments.  Also designed and manufactured a fleet of Retro Projection systems (67”, 72”, 84”, 100”, 102”, 120”, 125”, 167”) and Stereo Graphics–3D systems, using CRT–TDT–DMD and Light Valve projection technologies.  Designed and manufactured a one of a kind Audio Thunder Floor for additional effects to surround sound applications.


t e c h n i c a l  s u m m a r y

▪ software

PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Acrobat, Cubasis, Cake Walk, Pro Tools, Sound Forge XP,
Wave Lab, File Maker Pro, Word, Excel.

▪ hardware

Windows , Mac various, Pick Block3, Marinda, Dataton, Avid Systems, most all Hard-disk Audio and Video, Video projection including CRT, TFT, DMD, Light-Valve Technologies, Linear Robotics and Servo systems with communications RS 232 / 432, Synced Multi-Channel Video processing, Audio Samplers and Processing, Test equipment DMM-Oscilloscope-Generators etc.

▪ machinery

Mig & Tig Welders, Milling Machines, Shop Saws, Presses, Brakes, Hydraulic and Pneumatic tooling. Most any tools for fabrication of: wood – metal – plastics.

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